About CRM Consulting

Dan Scarberry

After 44 years in the natural gas industry, I retired from Dominion and now seek to share my experience and expertise to help others involved in managing the control room. The CRM rule  is aimed at processes which are unique to individual companies rather than tasks which are consistent across the industry. The mock audit is designed to educate your team and outfit them with the tools they need to be in compliance. Contact me today about how I can support your teams understanding and compliance with Control Room Management 192.631.


Daniel Scarberry has accumulated 40 years of Control Room experience between Columbia Gas Transmission and Dominion Energy Ohio, operating Columbia pipelines in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York and Dominion pipelines at East Ohio Gas, Virginia Natural Gas, Peoples Gas (PA) and Hope Gas (WV).

Supervisory Experience

Gas Control Manager at Dominion Energy Ohio 2001 – 2018

Gas Control Chief Controller at Columbia Gas Transmission 1986 - 1994


Dan has completed 4 Control Room Management audits, conducted by the Ohio Public Utility Commission (2012, 2014, 2016 & 2018) for compliance with 192.631

Presenter for Dominion East Ohio, representing INGAA, on Alarm Management at the PHMSA Control Room Management Implementation Workshop on Nov. 17, 2010 in Houston, Texas. https://primis.phmsa.dot.gov/meetings/MtgHome.mtg?mtg=67

Industry Memberships

Member of the American Gas Association Gas Control Committee 2006 – present

Chairperson on the American Gas Association Gas Control Committee 2010 – 2015

Chairman of the American Gas Association Gas Control Committee 2015

American Gas Association 2017 Silver Award of Merit recipient

Member of the Ohio/Kentucky Gas Control Committee 2007 – 2018

Chairman of the Ohio/Kentucky Gas Control Committee 2009-2010

Member of the Southern Gas Association Gas Control Committee 2010 – 2018

Member of the Mid-Atlantic Gas Control Committee 2011 – 2018

American Gas Association Gas Control Committee Presentations

Control Room Management Plan development

Gas Controller Training

Controller activity evaluation

Schneider-Electric SCADA Technical Conference Customer Presentations

Alarm Management 2011

Development of an automated callout system for Mercury ERX alarms 2017


2007 Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

2016 API Fundamentals of Auditing and Lead Auditor Training

Technical Publications

Major contributor to the 2012 AGA White Paper: Automatic Shut-off Valves (ASV) And Remote Control Valves (RCV)

Contributor to the API RP-1167 Alarm Management Second Edition 

Contributor to the API RP-1168 Second Edition Feb 2015 Control Room Management Best Practices

Major contributor to the AGA white paper on CRM Audit Preparation 2017

Contributor to  Situation Management for Process Controls: Situation Awareness and Decision Making for Operators in Industrial Control Rooms and Operations Center by Douglas Rothenberg 2019   



  I have been working with SCADA systems since 1982, closely involved in developing SCADA graphics and software requirements. I have experience in proposing customized solutions and SCADA system improvements to benefit Control Room Operations

I have a strong professional relationship with many contacts at Aveva, the world’s largest provider of SCADA systems, in the areas of 

  • Product Management – New SCADA & Pipeline Solutions
  • Sales - Oil & Gas Midstream
  • Account Management - Oil & Gas Midstream
  • Product Management – Gas Pipeline Solutions
  • Enterprise Software
  • Technical Specialist 
  • Product Marketing
  • Oil & Gas Solutions - Midstream