Control Room Management Mock Audit


CRM Consulting, LLC can provide an on-site mock audit assessment of your CRM Plan and Procedures for all aspects of compliance with Control Room Management 192.631.


Prior to the audit, I will review your plan and procedures to identify issues that an inspector may find.

CRM Mock Audit

I will conduct an on-site audit with your staff utilizing PHMSA's own audit questions

Explaining Deficiencies

As concerns are found, I can provide guidance on what changes are needed to improve audit results

Controller Interview

I can sit with your controller and ask a set of questions to evaluate how well the controller is utilizing the tools provided in your CRM Plan

Suggestions for organizing your CRM Plan and Procedures

Optimizing the structure of your plan and procedures to help an audit go quickly and smoothly

Procedure Writing Essentials

Discuss key elements to include in your procedures that cover the topics needed 

Written Summary

After the completion of the mock audit, you'll receive a written summation of concerns, inconsistencies and findings of potential non-compliance

Experience on Both Sides of the Table

Dan Scarberry has completed 4 CRM audits as a Control Room Manager of a major US utility. Dan has completed the API course Fundamentals of Auditor and Lead Auditor training and most recently, participated in the PHMSA Critical Task Selection Board to determine the structure and essential tasks required for training federal and state inspectors on CRM inspections.

SCADA Graphics


 Allow me to help you improve your current SCADA graphics to provide critical information to your controllers in a format that is intuitive and easy to navigate.


SCADA Display Review

An evaluation of your current SCADA display graphics and guidance on improvements

SCADA Display Design

Bring me on board to do a complete overhaul of your SCADA displays to provide consistency across your graphics.

API RP-1165 SCADA Display Design Guide

A closer look at the sections referenced in the CRM rule

Alarm Management


Alarm Rationalization

I can provide insight on rationalizing the data points coming into SCADA and managing the number of alarms and alerts directed to your controller with the essential data needed to operate their system. Learn how to direct non-operational alarms and alerts to affected parties and take your controller out of the position of being the middle man.


Point Management

Guidance on organizing your points from the RTU to SCADA in a single repository

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